A Cat Named Monk Who Lives In and Is From Philadelphia, But Pretends to Be British: Stephanie Marum and Her Paintings

[Furthermore, Hailey Higdon suggested we get to know Stephanie Marum. Hailey described Stephanie as, "primarily a set designer, but [she] has been making these strange cat paintings that I love in the secrecy of her house and it'd be nice to get them out and let some other people see them." Stephanie's favorite things are desserts, animal-watching, and daydreaming. Her descriptions of what is going on here follow.]

Paca is the tortoise shell colored one.
She is a woman on a mission that which we
as her caretakers haven't been able to determine.
She's insistently telling us something all the time,
but try as we might we don't understand.

Squirrel is the black cat with the sneaky look.
He is most persuasive, and a wuss.
These paintings hang in our house.
The group portrait is of my family as cats.
It was a Christmas gift for my brother,
the 3rd cat from the left. I'm the white hairless one in
the dress.

Most of my personal artwork
is of animals acting like
people. I've been urged to make
more paintings of my cat family,
which I'm working on.
I'm also working on an idea
for a graphic novel
about a cat named Monk
who lives in and is from Philadelphia,
but pretends to be British.
He paints devotional art of his favorite
soccer player and doesn't mesh
well socially with his contemporaries.

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Laura Bryan said...

I adopted my Cat Monk from the SPCA. He's a Russian Blue... Are our cats related?!