Mistrustful Children of Refulgence Flarf: Two Poems by David Kaufman

[A pair of poetries from David Kaufman. David writes about poetry for Tablet Magazine.]

Money As Scenery

The purpose of the present investigation was to develop
and validate an objective self-report instrument

Lanes courts boulevards I don’t
Care about hills fuck hills
They’re still outside fuck evergreens
I obsess about the deciduous
The undecided uncalled for rampant
Yard refulgence amongst the leaves
Not here amongst the hills
Not here behind the trees
Behind this very hill our
House and home our capital
On a stick bringing forth
Trees from branches leaves odd
Mistrustful children of refulgence flarf
And all your beautiful ways

I Can’t Stand Times Square at New Years

For years I lived as
A German Jew now I’m
A Russian manner
Of exuberance ok
Woodpecker ok snow and
Melting snow ok cormorant
Deity and a winter like this well
Yes there’s a girl named Cole called
Coco and Colette she’s
And Miriam as a Jew I hoped
Lucia would be Lulu call
Her Leah call her Ushy call
Her the ukase of my desires I’m
Going crazy with time.

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